Dom looking down at the Ruth Gorge, Denali in the background
Zach Runyan
Zach and Abbie outside Aspen
Grew up in Columbus, Ohio
I went to school, taught my self how to write code, learned how to climb. I have fond memories of the Buckeye State and still have many dear friends I've somehow managed to keep over the years from that time.
Moved to Colorado
After a summer of backpacking around in Matt's Acura, I figured out how to stay in Colorado. I found a real passion for working at startups and made my way onto many unsuspecting software development teams.
Moved to California
Moved back to Colorado
Shortly after moving, I figured out there's (a little) more to life than climbing when I met my wife, Abbie. Now we live in Montrose because it's quieter here. But still climbing.
Engineering Director
Resume coming soon
Zach on the Root Canal glacier
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